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Burnt Ash Veterinary Clinic

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Post-operative Advice Back

Our Operating Room & X-Ray Machine


This is where our routine and investigative treatments take place. Your pet may be coming in for routine procedures such as spaying, castrating or dental work, which are all done on site. Your pet may also be required to have a blood test, x-ray or allergy test or even an ECG. If you have any concerns about any of the procedures or treatments proposed for your animals, please let us know, we are here to advise you fully.

Our Kennels & Garden


If your pet is hospitalized they will occupy one of our kennel cages. Our aim is to keep your pet comfortable throughout his or her stay. Water will always be provided and if your pet has had treatment without a sedative or anaesthetic, they will be provided with a tasty meal! For dogs staying at our kennels, there is a large back garden where they can stretch their legs!