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     The facts speak for themselves!


  • Large numbers of owned cats are destroyed each year, simply because they lack identification.


  • In the UK it is estimated that more than £250 million a year is spent by local authorities, police forces and animal welfare charities rounding up and caring for stray cats and dogs.


  • It is highly likely that in the future, microchip implants will be more widely used and more lost pets will be reunited with their owners.


     What is the procedure?


  • A Microchip is an implant placed under the skin, usually on the back of the neck between the shoulder blades.


  • Microchipping is great for identifying pets, as collars can be wriggled out of and tattoos often fade with time.


  • It is a one off procedure and the microchip should last a lifetime.


  • The same microchip is used on all species, cats, dogs and horses and is also recognised internationally.


  • As the unique 15 digit code is permanently embedded in the chip, there is no risk of the code being tampered with.


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