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"Quick jump on that dog!"

Does your pet have fleas?

Fleas are small and wingless insects that feed on your well as you!

Fleas are usually transmitted by jumping from one animal to the next and if your pet constantly scratches, grooms excessively or displays distressed behaviour, they may have fleas.


Even so, despite these classic symptoms some pets may not scratch excessively, therefore further measures for diagnosis are required.


  • Using a flea comb (with very tightly spaced teeth) drag the comb through your pets fur, paying special attention to the back and base of the tail.


  • Carefully examine the comb by emptying any dirt or hair onto a wet piece of white paper.


  • If your pet has fleas, any debris that comes from the flea comb will turn a reddish brown colour.

"Ah Home… Sweet Home"


If your pet is diagnosed with having fleas, we will prescribe you flea treatment for your pet and also flea spray for your home.

Remember, there are lots of places fleas live apart from in your pet’s fur!


Make sure you spray:


  • Pet baskets

  • Carpets

  • Rugs

  • Sofa

  • Beds

  • Stairs

  • Car

At Burnt Ash Veterinary Clinic, we provide the following flea treatments:


  • ADVANTAGE 400 FOR DOGS 4 PACK for dogs weighing over 25kg and up to 40kg.


  • ADVANTAGE 100 FOR DOGS 4 PACK is for dogs weighing over 4kg and up to 10kg.


  • ADVANTAGE 250 FOR DOGS 4 PACK for dogs weighing over 10kg and up to 25kg.


  • ADVANTAGE 80 4 PACK: For cats and pet rabbits weighing over 4kg. For the prevention and treatment of flea infestations on cats and pet rabbits.


  • ADVANTAGE 4 PACK is for the treatment of small cats, small dogs and pet rabbits weighing under 4kg (older than 10 weeks).